Tenant Verifier for Landlords &
Property Letting Agencies

Is your tenant right for your property?
Our tenant screening will tell you everything you need to know.

“There were over 37,700 evictions in England and Wales during 2013. Thousands of landlords could have saved themselves time and money with thorough tenant references and credit checks.”

Complete peace of mind with our Tenant Verifier

We know how valuable your property is and you want the reassurance that it’s being looked after properly. Check First’s Tenant Verifier service is one of the most thorough available. A landlord’s biggest concern today is unreliable tenants – a situation that can and does prove costly if correct tenant vetting procedures are not implemented to reduce the risk, and eliminate the ‘can’t pay’ or ‘won’t pay’ tenants from your list.

Our identity verification and document checks facility will:

  • Confirm prospective tenants’ identities
  • Prevent tenant fraud
  • Highlight inherent financial risk
  • Screen ID documents including Travel Visas and Identity Cards

“Right to Rent” Checks

An Essential tool for Landlords is to confirm your tenants have the “Right to Rent” in the United Kingdom. With more and more people applying to rent properties in the UK from overseas best practice dictates in depth screening for tenants who haven’t always lived in the UK.  Our Identity Check affirms a Tenants “Right to Rent”.

Tenant Credit Check

Our Tenant Credit Check gives an accurate overview of past financial history and indicates whether a prospective tenant will reliably pay their rent.  This allows Landlords and Letting Agents to make an informed choice.

Thorough Tenant References

Our Tenant References are simple but effective.  We can verify the information provided and perform background checks with employers and landlords through well established relationships across the UK.

We understand how important peace of mind is to landlords. With our tenant credit check and referencing service you can rest assured that only the best tenants will rent your property.

Benefits for You
  • Make automated identity verification an essential part of your property letting process
  • Know who is renting your property
  • Essential tool for Landlords – Confirm your tenants have the right to live and work in the United Kingdom
  • Completes a Credit check and reveal if they have an CCJs against them
Why use Check First
  • Check First’s automated system confirms the identity of the individual by interrogating a range of data bases
  • The check is completed in real time and delivered to you
  • Meets Anti Money Laundering regulations
  • Reduces your exposure to risk