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We conduct a range of pre-employment checks utilising the latest technology to ensure accuracy and confidentiality. You decide which checks are relevant to the position that you have on offer and then ask your candidates to post their details on line. You can set the parameters of checks made by pre-determining the number of candidates and/or the deadline for submission of CVs.

The advantage to you is that you can be certain that the potential employee has the qualifications and experience they need to meet the requirements of the post on offer. Confirmation of their identity, qualifications and experience is consolidated into a single report delivered in confidence to your desktop via an SSL encrypted secure system.

The advantage to them is that the system is easy to follow and maintains their confidentiality. They have only to enter their details once and, if they need to pause whilst they check their own records, their file is easily accessed by them using their unique password.

Check First Services

Our Services

Pre-Employment Background Checks

Pre-Employment Background Checks

Running an identity verification check on a potential employee should be the first step in any UK background check.


Tenant Screening Background checks

Tenant referencing checks from Check First allows you to reduce the risks you take letting to a new tenant.

CV Collect &
Compare Service

CV Checking

We offer a unique FREE CV collection and compare service to employers to assist with the recruitment process.