Financial and Identity Checks

Financial and Identity checks are designed to confirm the identity and financial probity of staff, candidates and tenants, these checks can be completed in real-time.

Customer information is checked against a wide range of robust independent datasets combining identity checks and residency checks, with each individual receiving a unique scoring to permit a risk based approach to your recruitment decision.

Datasets are constantly updated to ensure accuracy.

Benefits for You
  • Make automated identity verification an essential part of your business process
  • Know who you are employing
  • Essential tool for Employers – Confirm your employee has the right to live and work in the United Kingdom
  • Completes a Credit check and reveal if they have an CCJs against them
Why use Check First
  • Check First’s automated system confirms the identity of the individual by interrogating a range of data bases
  • The check is completed in real time and delivered to you
  • Meets Anti Money Laundering regulations Reduces your exposure to risk